Hair Care Tips: Lay That Lace

1. You need to get one of our lace frontal wig. The best ones are the ones we offer, obviously.

Naya Beauty Hair come with the knots bleached and the hairline pre-plucked for that natural look.

2. Prep your natural hairline, make sure it is laid flat for a seamless install. You can use hot comb or hair wax or gel for this. I use the Got2be Glue/Spray. Make sure it’s dry before adding the wig. (Using your blow dryer on the cold air setting is ideal).

3. Put on your wig cap. Put on the wig, ensure it’s sits how you’d like it, and trim the excess lace.

4. Apply your wig hair glue or mousse if you wanna get a glueless wig application along your edges and use a scarf to tie down the edges, and wait for about 10 minutes. (Some ladies prefer to lay the wig and add their glue/hair spray before trimming the lace. So, find the method that works best for you)

5. Then you can go in with your foundation on top of the lace to blend the lace into your scalp.

6. Now style your wig as you like.

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