How To Revamp that Ol' Wig

Hello Lovlies,

As wig lovers we have numerous wigs that are "old" and wish we could wear them again. Wish they were as good as new like how it was when we first opened that package am i right? 

Well, i have a solution, and that is what i call "revamp mewig mix".

What you will need is a bottle of Adore Semi Permanent Hair Color in Crystal Clear (number 10).





and Silicon Mix Intensive Hair Treatment. 



Step 1. 

Mix both until you get a liquid consistency

Step 2. 

Wash your wig with any conditioning shampoo, i recommend using ION moisturizing shampoo.

Step 3. 

Put the freshly washed wig in a tub of your choice, apply the mixture of silicon and adore, combing through the hair.

Step 4.

Let wig sit for about an hour then rinse

Step 5.

Air dry and style as desired

Voila, your wig is as good as new! 

I have attached a link to the video on here for your viewing pleasure.

Please comment and let me know how this method worked for you.

Until next time, Love ya. Mean it.

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